Test….Test…Is this thing on?

Been awhile since I last posted. First we had the xpac come out and the ensuing race to level and gear 2 mains up for raiding (much thanks to all the guildies who pulled my ass through heroics).

Then we had Christmas with many family visits, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t had a chance to post about it, but my grandfather is currently battling lung cancer. I think Christmas really picked him up, having all his family around. He is pulling through like the trooper I knew he was ūüėÄ

Then it was *GASP* MY SPAWN…ahem…I mean…BIRTHDAY! Definitely NOT saying how old I turned. I spent it raiding with friends completely plastered. Best b-day ever. My dad¬†took me out to dinner the next night¬†to my favourite restaurant. It was slightly cloudy due to the two dbags sitting behind us who complained about EVERYTHING. The food, how long it took, their friends (?). Honestly, I have no idea how this couple hadn’t managed to make eachother miserable considering how lacking they seemed to find everything in their lives.

Now I’m currently getting back into the groove of things, raiding Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on my priest, which I’m really enjoying. Healing is very involved now rather than sitting watching TV while I randomly clicked my healing frames spamming my Flash Heal key. I also raid on Fridays on my rogue, but things may change there. Catalina has had an influx of people and no place to put them, so now my RL/GMs are in the predicament of losing new talent and pleasing old raiders. The DPS warrior and I had to /roll to decide who raided last week (I won, and wouldn’t you know it, all DPS plate dropped and no leather. Fuck you Blizz. I don’t think we can be friends anymore T_T). Likely, I won’t be raiding this week, but one the RLs had a spazzing fit on the ingame calendar which now has us raiding almost everyday of the week. I clicked accept for the Friday one as that’s the only one I can attended. We’ll see what happens.

Lastly, I have lost one voice and added two new ones to the army that is in my head. With the xpac in full swing, Lachlain surfaced from the island of Gilneas. I now have a worgen warrior running around in my brain. Just have to say that BoA plate gear is friggen hiliarious on a worgen. Looks really hot to wear too. Lach tells me it chafs like crazy.

Cadeon couldn’t withstand the pressure of repeatedly putting his beautiful face in the line of fire, so he retired back his SM condo with a mirror. Apparently, he’s been living happily with himself ever since. In his place, I now have a lovely little BE female mage named Minja. She is best friends with the BE rogue, Moodaa. Who also happens to be my RL friend from elementary school. I am pleased to announce that I have managed to suck her into the wonderful World of Warcraft on a¬†recruit a friend (RAF)¬†account.

RAF is AMAZING. Level 40 in roughly 12 hours of play time. You get roughly 5 levels per dungeon you run. It’s disgustingly awesome. Only down side is you outlevel the gear you win in the same dungeon >.< Not really a problem for Ms. BoA, but definitely¬†a prob for Moods. So we’ve just been running around questing. And sometimes it literally IS running as I’ve managed to get us killed quite a few times. Thank GOD for Summon a Friend. I really should video record our play sessions. It’s a scream. No, really, it actually is sometimes..

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I R Huntard

My huntard, Faolain, has been screaming at me for some time and over the weekend I decided to indulge her. I haven’t played her since long before the big kaboom-holy-shit-everything-I-knew-has-changed-QQ patch. Considering I knew next to nothing about hunters anyway, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Since I doubt I’ll ever have time to raid on a 6th toon, I decided I’d use this one as my fun toon. BM was the spec of choice because I want a core hound quite badly. I’m now firing my way toward 70 so I can GET that core hound. Once I reach that goal I will have 4 pets with the rest of the space for the new animals that will come out in cata. Currently, I have a tiger for dungeons called ShereKhan (yes, I happen to be a Jungle Book fan) and a bear I picked up yesterday for soloing called…..Pooky. This is definitely an awesome name¬†and I shall use this bear to pwn flagged lowbies. Who the hell wants to admit they got beat down by Pooky?

I’ve also already picked out the names for the 2 core hounds I plan to get:

The Kurken from Azure Myst – Orthrus
The Fel Hound from Shadown Moon  РCerberus

Not very original I realize, but I happen to think they are awesome names.

Since I’m also venturing back in the land of fail pugs, there will probably also be some ranting on those coming up. In fact, I do have a small tidbit to share from my forage in Scholomance yesterday.

We zone in and immediately the pally tank rushes in and grabs a huge group of mobs. He did an admirable keeping them all beating on his face, but after the pull he seemed very baffled about what had happened to all his AoE tanking skills. Apparently, this tank had just come back from a 4 month hiatus. SURPRISE!

He was definitely a lot more careful about pulling the next couple of groups of mobs, but, inevitably, there was a huge pull (that I may have had something to do with…F U tab target fail….). There is some 10-15 mobs, which the tank holds most of. Obviously, a few get out and smack the healer. I did my best to trap, but the mage in the group decided that AoE was the ability of the day and that didn’t last long. Healer goes down, but, since he’s a shaman, he immediately came back up. And starts to berate the tank on being fail with agro. I felt really badly as this tank hadn’t had a chance to see the new changes and was still doing quite well in my opinion, so I kindly reminded the healer not to be such a dick. His response was “Well if I die, I’m leaving because I don’t know the way back and refuse to take the time to do so.” Say what? I reminded him that just because he was a lazy fuck was no reason to bully the tank for things out of his control. Which was met with “Look dude don’t push me. I’ve known plenty of bad healers, so don’t lose a good one because you feel wronged in some way”. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the group), I didn’t decide to give this jerk off the dressing down he deserved. I probably should have, but decided not to cause drama, which only result in me getting kicked (being a lowly DPS serf) and the dick wad healer¬†learning nothing.

There really needs to be a punch in the face stun for friendly players or something. Where the hell did this huge sense of entitlement come from? I see more and more pugs that have it. I have been guilty of it myself, but I do believe there is a little bit of merit behind mine considering I know the ups and downs of all the rolls. I seriously doubt the shammy with the corpse run phobia does. What the hell happened to being a team. Since when does one person become more important than the whole group? Those types of people are in for a serious wake up call in Cata. I intend to enjoy watching them learn.

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New Tree of Life Form!

So yesterday was the Shattering. Have to say the new cut scene for cata is pretty pimp. I wandered around for a couple hours last night just playing with the thingamajigs that some of my characters had. The one that made my night – and caused ensuing giggling and cackling for a good hour – was this:

ZOMG Epic Tree Form!

My druid turns into the purple one at the moment. They can’t dance (boo!) but, when they move or cast,¬†they flail pretty¬†decently.¬†I may change from Feral to Resto, just because of that awesome model.

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Tale of a Turkified Rogue (Pilgrim’s Week)

This year I had a feeling that, as one of the least represented races for a rogue, should I log onto Tedra, I would be a permaturkey. And I was right. Every time I logged in BOOM I was a befeathered main course. At first it annoyed me, so I would just stand there with the 60 min debuff ticking away, a giant possy of people nerd raging over the fact that I was being such a penis as to not let them get their achieve. I even had someone berate me to that effect. I’m sorry, dude, but next time roll the class yourself. I didn’t make an orc rogue for the sole purpose of YOU getting an achieve. That being said, if someone asked nicely if I would hang around so they and there friends could shoot me, I was fine with that.

After awhile though I learned to have fun with it. Especially after I discovered this:

Turkey on a Mission. On a turtle.

Spent about half an hour wandering around Dal getting turned into a turkey and cackling about how ridiculous I looked on the turtle mount. So then I decided to try some other mounts. This gave me a chuckle:

Really hoping my mount doesn't think I'm a snack...

And this had me outright laughing:

Biker Turkies!

Towards the end of the night I went back to wandering Dal on my turtle mount, randomly getting turned into tomorrow’s sandwich when I noticed that I’d gained a following. There were 3 or 4 people following me around Dal on THEIR turtle mounts. They’d stop when I stopped and follow when I wandered off. At one point I even took out Speedy, my turtle pet, and wouldn’t you know it, they all had one too! Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a screenie of that, but I did get a screenie of my possy sans pets:

Turtle Possy

All in all, I’m definitely having more fun this year for this event!

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Lest We Forget

Canada: Rememberance Day¬†¬†¬† U.S: Veteran’s Day

In memory of those who’ve fallen and in dedication to those still fighting:

Your sacrifices are remembered and appreciated more than you can know. Thank you.

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Awesome advice from *GASP* Blizz….

I’m used to there being some fairly decent, but not overly impressive tips on the loading screen. That changed today. Blizz is finally listening to my cries as a new Cata bound holy priest:

Listen to Blizz.....they are getting smarter!

That’s right you bastards. Click on that god damn Lightwell. Now it’s not just ME telling you to do it. Unfortunately, now I’m probably going to have to make a post on when it’s a GOOD idea to click on the Lightwell and when it’s a BAD time to click on the Lightwell.

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Who’s carrying whom?

I’ve recently been leveling my DK again. Not sure why considering everything will be broken shortly, but meh. I ventured into my first Northrend dungeon and, having healed them recently on my shaman, I was prepared for a little fail. Generally, either the tank or the healer will be fail. DPS at low levels seems to always fail. Unfortunately, this run both the tank AND the healer were very fail. The tank (a pally!) couldn’t hold agro to save his life. Our healer was a boomer gone heal. With none of his spells updated. Who thought just casting Tranquility was OK.

We finally managed to stagger our way to the last boss in UK. Now the normal strategy is that you tank him where he is and when he does his roar everyone one hides behind the pillar. Fail tank apparently had his own uber strategy:


You'll tank him where?


Regardless of what I’d said he charged in there and did it his way anyway. It gets better though. Not only was this tank failing slightly in the strat department, he also clearly had no clue where to position the boss. I ended up having to mush myself between the boss and said pillar to be able to stay behind him and not take a Dark Smash to the face. I informed the tank of his gross negligence. The boss resses and we begin AGAIN behind the pillar. This time the tank decides playing Ring Around the Rosey with me and I spend the remainder of the fight running in circles with tank chasing me and a Dark Smash just inches from slicing my sexy little behind off. What the tank has not realized was that in trying to please me (and failing) he had LoS’d the healer (who was having trouble as it was) into oblivion. Although this probably didn’t help:


I see you being fail


The tank, healer and the toilet paper DPS all die within 2 seconds of each other. The remaining hunter and I finished off the boss.

Immediately, the healer apologizes for being fail. I assured him that that had been one of the most spectacular tank fails I’d seen in a long time and he shouldn’t beat himself up for a really bad strat. Apparently, the pally was smarter than I thought because he agreed with me. I did let the healer know that the amount of lazy my RankWatch informed me of needed to be rectified and suggested using more spells than Tranq. Really not sure the run was worth the two badges I got for it, but what’s done is done.

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